Optimistic Blue Planner – Five for Life
Five for Life Planner
Optimistic Blue Planner
Optimistic Blue Planner
Optimistic Blue Planner
Optimistic Blue Planner
Optimistic Blue Planner
Five for Life

Optimistic Blue Planner

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The Five for Life Planner™ is as much a functional planner as it is a daily journal.

And it’s really a lot more.

It’s a customized roadmap to the five daily actions that are the cornerstone of Five for Life™ lifestyle.  

It’s motivational, it’s engaging and in its most dedicated form, it’s a piece of personal history in the making.

Built around the principles of positive motivation, repetition, and customized success this tool helps you create the habits of a HAPPIER, longer life.   And the best thing? You don’t have to wait until you’re 80 to feel better and when you are 80, you’ll be happy about it.

What’s inside:

**13 week daily planner with two pages per day.  We wanted to engage with you daily and 13 weeks makes the Five for Life Planner™ the perfect size!

**Each day gives you the chance to layout your scheduled appointments, meetings and events but also helps you track your progress on the FIVE DAILY ACTIONS that are the foundation of the Five for Life™ lifestyle.

**Unique content every day with motivational quotes and interesting trivia to learn.

**A guide at the beginning shows you how to make the most of your Five for Life Planner™ and encourages you to fill it with your own personal details.

**Acid free paper, a durable cloth cover, ribbon markers 

**Four unique versions that cover the whole year.


Plus you'll get access to our private Facebook group for support, friendship and inspiration.


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